Don't buy chocolate

Having a trigger is one of the best ways to accomplish whatever your main goal is. That trigger is usually what you do first thing in the morning. For me? Writing.
But knowing it’s not enough. Regardless of how well grounded my thought process is, I need something that will push 100% of the times, especially when it gets tough. Some mornings I’d found myself fooling around on the Internet without having a clear goal for the morning. At some point, after a few days in a row of not having anything done, I knew I needed a trigger that would kick my ass in order to start writing right away.
The other day I went shopping with a friend. He’s on a diet, so he admitted that the best results in his diet are obtained while shopping. His philosophy is, if you don’t want to eat chocolate, don’t buy chocolate.
The takeaway is simple: if you don’t want to do something, remove temptations first. You can rely on your willpower, but at some point you’re gonna run out of it. So just make yourself a favor and don’t buy the chocolate.
After these wasted mornings, I knew I was draining so much willpower, and sometimes I felt exhausted during the day. Now I knew why.
The solution?
Well, the best way would have been to buy a new computer and use it just to write. But since that wasn’t an option, what I did was to install a parallel operative system (Ubuntu, please don’t use Windows) where I only have a text editor. No browser, no WiFi, no nothing. Just a text editor.
This is my version of not buying chocolate.
Now it’s your turn. Figure out where your willpower drains and remove the temptation. Find a way to save some willpower.