Motivation, compass and self-therapy

There will be times when you get temptations. And it’s in those times when you actually define your future.—a future that for most people get steered away.
A while ago I was talking with a friend. She wanted to become a freelancer. Work for herself and take over her career. So her plan was, keep her day job until she’d find enough clients so she could quit her job. So far so job.
That was until she got offered a better job with a better salary. Before she made a decision, she called me. As you can guess, she was seriously considering the job offer. She didn’t actually liked it too much, but money was good.
So I told her: If money wasn’t a problem, would you still consider the job?
And then: Why do you want to become a freelancer in the first place?
The truth is that she didn’t know why she wanted to become a freelancer, that’s why she was hesitating. And in the end, she went for the job.
The takeaway here is this: If you know why you do what you do, when the hard times come (and they’re gonna come) what will help you decide and get through is your why.
Your why, your purpose, is what will help you to go through everything. It’s your compass. It will help you to find ways to move forward.
Your why is your motivation, compass and self-therapy.
Go find your why if you don’t know it already. And if you do, let it guide you.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”
—Friedrich Nietzsche