My first crowdfunding campaign—the process behind it (1)

Just like I did with my book, I’m going to share with you the process behind a crowdfunding campaign. So for the next few weeks I’m going to share what happens behind the scenes—it’s not just a step-by-step process, but also I’ll show you the highs and lows. The challenges and everything I find along the way.
What is it about?
In order to follow PrivateID’s Mission, one of the first things I want to start working on is the awareness of the problem (with privacy and data ownership). I believe the best way to spread this idea is to produce a documentary, and that’s what I’m going to create.
The idea is to talk about Privacy Inequality and interview experts around the world about the existential problem we’re facing as species with the lack of privacy and ownerless data.
(This short explanation is all you need. Because the first step is not to explain the project in great detail. Here you just want to make it public and create social pressure. This is a short post, but maybe the most critical one.)
So, how do you start a campaign?
First things first. Set a date:
October 16th, 2018.
I’m going to be honest here. It’s going to be tight, it scares the heck out of me. But that’s good. That’s how you should feel, otherwise you’re being too gentle with the timing.
Then, make it public:
Write a post. Share it on social media. Send it to your email list. Tell everybody about it. Because if you don’t do that, you’ll start hiding.
This first post is just a public commitment.
Now I’m on death ground. I’ve got to deliver, because my reputation is on the line.
Even just writing this line I feel the pressure already. But that’s what you should do if you’re serious about something. That’s how great projects start.
PS It helps to create a calendar showing how many days you have left—even if it just a piece of dirty paper: