On finding the right timing: Make your own luck

When I was in college I remember the first time I started to think about myself as a brand. I had one class where the professor emphasized over and over that we had to build our own brands.
He gave us exercises to think about what we actually wanted to do in the long-term. And even though they were the right exercises, it wasn’t until several years later when I actually had to revisit those exercises when they were the most useful.
A couple of years ago I opened my documents from college and found these exercises. I looked at them and thought: This is as important for me right now as it was back then.
That was a great lesson. That was when I (re)discovered that getting the right time on things it’s critical.
My takeaway revisiting those exercises was that timing is everything. But since you can’t predict it, the best thing you can do for yourself is to revisit important stuff over and over.
Have you read a book you think was great and important? Go read it again. Once a year, once a month, as often as needed.
People usually say that timing is about luck. That might be true, but if you go through the good stuff over and over, you’ll increase your chances.
You can’t predict the right timing, but you can recognize the good stuff and revisit it until you find the right one—you make your own luck.