Walk away while you can

I’ve never gambled in a casino, and I don’t think I want to. But I’ve learned a valuable lesson (partly from movies) watching people play: Walk away while you’re on top.
The best players know that it’s in the last few plays where they can screw it up–badly. So the smart ones, just walk away while they can, even though they might leave some money on the table.
In the same way, I’ve discovered that this also happens in any creative process. If you’ve had a productive day, let’s say writing, don’t squeeze every bit of energy, leave something on the table. Thus, the next day you’ll be energized and ready to tackle another creative day.
When it comes to creativity, just walk away when you’re on top. Tomorrow you’ll tackle your creative endeavor again, energized.
PS. I learned this lesson a while ago when I read The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. You should check it out.