What's the anchor?

For years I’ve been testing time management. Most often unsuccessfully, but over the years I’ve discovered where are the keys to accomplish more. The most important part? Finding out what the anchor is.
An anchor is the way you start your day so it defines the rest of it. That’s something you use everyday to start your day doing your most important work, then the rest of the day falls into place.
The thing is, in order to find your anchor, you have to figure out what’s your most important work.
Athletes go straight to work out first thing in the morning.
Writers write.
Some people start their day with meditation.
There are a handful of choices you can pick, but there’s only one that will work for you.
For me it’s writing. I get up, have breakfast and jump to the keyboard. It’s a habit. Then the rest of the day falls apart. But if I don’t do this, I know that it’s going to be a lousy, unproductive day.
So first, figure out your most important work (not urgent), and then develop a habit to start your day doing that right away.