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Hi, I'm Borja Moya. I challenge the way people think about privacy and the kind of future they want to live in.

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“Borja's vision introduces a fresh look to a problem that's been long awaiting to be solved: privacy.”

Jose Alcántara, author of La sociedad de control & La neutralidad de la red.

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Borja's Blog

The place where I speak my mind every day. You can expect thoughtful and challenging ideas. +600 posts so far. Click here to read, or even better, subscribe.

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This is where I write longer articles about privacy, usually for my PrivateID's blog. Don't know where to start? Read this first.


PrivateID: A Podcast from Borja Moya

PrivateID's about the conversations we need to bring to the table and about how to solve the problems that are coming. About taking the first step and changing things for the better.

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Defeating Mr. Mole

Defeating Mr. Mole: Overcome Your Default Belief System and Take over Control is about the inner battle everybody has, against the beliefs and values that are given to us in the moment we were born. It’s a battle for free will. Whatever struggle you have in your life, this book will inspire you to overcome your default set of values and beliefs and live the life you were meant to.

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The PrivateID Mission

PrivateID is non-profit I founded to defend data ownership recognition and fight for privacy equality. We're on a mission to create a way to advance data recognition as personal property, while preserving our privacy and integrity as human beings.

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About Borja

Privacy Advocate, Entrepreneur & Writer.

Borja Moya is the creator of The PrivateID Mission, a non-profit defending data ownership recognition and fighting for privacy equality. It was when he lived in China when he started to be concerned about privacy and the potential danger we would face as species. Today he's on a mission to change the way people think about privacy and work on building a better future.

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I don't use social media. The only one I check from time to time is Twitter, but rarely use it. It's just a retweet of my blog.


Check out this article. I started it with the idea to write a book about—but I've killed it a dozen times. Maybe one day...

The future of humanity

Read why I stressed the nature of privacy so heavily. It's important that you become aware of your most basic human right.