Your privacy matters.

Hi, I'm Borja Moya. I challenge the way people think about privacy and the kind of future they want to live in.

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“Borja's vision introduces a fresh look to a problem that's been long awaiting to be solved: privacy.”

Jose Alcántara, author of La sociedad de control & La neutralidad de la red.

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This is where I write longer articles about privacy, usually for my PrivateID's blog. Don't know where to start? Read this first.


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Defeating Mr. Mole

Defeating Mr. Mole: Overcome Your Default Belief System and Take over Control is about the inner battle everybody has, against the beliefs and values that are given to us in the moment we were born. It’s a battle for free will. Whatever struggle you have in your life, this book will inspire you to overcome your default set of values and beliefs and live the life you were meant to.

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About Borja

Borja Moya is a professional storyteller, writer and most of all, a privacy advocate.

Borja is a storyteller with a marketing background. He founded a production company to help clients tell their stories. In addiction to launching the PrivateID Podcast and The BM Show, he’s the author of Defeating Mr. Mole and the upcoming book Data Dictatorships.

By focusing on everything from understanding culture and communications, to the spread of ideas and behavioral economics, Borja is on a mission to change the way people see privacy and challenge the status quo.

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I don't use social media. The only one I check from time to time is Twitter, but rarely use it. It's just a retweet of my blog.


Check out this article. I started it with the idea to write a book about—but I've killed it a dozen times. Maybe one day...

The future of humanity

Read why I stressed the nature of privacy so heavily. It's important that you become aware of your most basic human right.