Just Decide

During the last year I’ve been focused in finishing my university’s degree in marketing, obtain professional experience and launch projects, meanwhile I was studying and reading everything I could. Once I had my diploma this January, I’ve been through a couple of intense work months launching a project, however. After several nights without sleep I noticed that something didn’t fix, something was out of my control and I couldn’t take over the control. Because of that I made my luggage and booked a ticket to Shanghai (China). Until finally, I pushed myself to the edge in order to get a clear vision of what I really want to do in my life.
Everything started in Madrid. I had a simple perspective when I was studying Marketing, all I wanted was to specialize my career in automotive marketing. Everything I did was for a reason in those years. I remember asking myself… Is this gonna help me to be an expert in this field? If the answer was no, I took another perspective. I ran a blog (I don’t refresh it but it’s still out there, so you can check it out here and read some mistakes from my early years) and started to work as soon as I could for automotive companies. I even sold performance car parts in my free time! Nonetheless, it didn’t work. It didn’t fulfill myself. Even being busy seven days per week, moving between cities while studying at the university… Something wasn’t working out.
After finishing one internship in Beijing (China) I came back to Madrid with a clear idea in mind: finish my degree earlier, study design and launch a project. And I did it. The projects failed but I accomplished everything.
One month ago I knew something wasn’t working out. Again. I had to change my strategy. And doing soon before getting nuts with it. That was when I packed my stuff and traveled to Shanghai to figure things out. Being honest, I wouldn’t find answers in that place. I was too comfortable and my vision got fuzzy.
Right now I’m writing this from Shanghai with a straight idea of what my main goal is, after being settled for 3 weeks. I’ve been abled to evaluate some questions out, but it’s still too soon to have the correct answers, or even better, the correct questions.
Afterwards, everytime you moved to another city or country, you discover that getting out of your confort zone is the best way to obtain awesome results. I don’t know 100 % where I’m going, but I’ll figure it out soon…