Brilliant people won't succeed

For years, I’ve encountered so many talented people who are stuck. I’m sure you have several examples on your personal environment. People so smart that you think they’re going to succeed in their professional lives, but at the end they don’t. Something is between them and their success. Something that really stopped them. Fear.
As human beings, we are driven by fear. Each time we are afraid of something -no matter if it never happens- it will paralyze us and we won’t achieve our goals.
Never mind wheter you are talented or high skilled in a particular area. If you let fear takes control, you won’t succeed.
What’s in the middle of yourself and your goals? What are you afraid of? Is there any way to delete it or just ignore it?
Finding answers for those questions is important, however. There’s another consequence of being afraid, and that’s doing nothing. Lack of action is what kills brilliant people, because it’s comfortable to be carried along by fear.
After all, the main point is to identify your fears, and take immediate action. Otherwise, you will feel safe, but there’s no safe way in that game. Nowadays, safe is risky more than ever before. We can apply this topic to companies, professional careers, consumer science, etc. Fear will always be in the middle. That’s why understanding the root of the fear is critical. If we can identify and understand it, we can change the match in our favor.
Fear will stop you to achieve your goals.
Fear will push you to be mediocre on your business.
Fear will make hesitate your customers.
Take action.