Agile Selling by Jill Konrath – Book Review

For the Book Review of today I’ve chosen Agile Selling by Jill Konrath. I found it interesting because it covers, at least, the half of the book about how to keep learning in the sales field and how to create new habits to boost your results.
This book gives you new tactics to improve your sales. Though, you will see the whole picture of the sales paradigm of today, where you need to keep updated if you want to make a difference in this new economy.
Even if you are a salesperson, marketer or entrepreneur, this book will give you the resources and the nudge to change your career.

Best content pulled out from the book:

You may think you’re different. Buyers don’t.

Buyers want ideas, insights, leadership, and guidance to assess whether changing makes sense and how to do it best.

Your sales success depends on quickly assimilating information and mastering new skills, and learning agility is the key meta-skill that makes this success possible.

Neuroscience research shows that when you make a mental shift to view obstacles as opportunities, your brain is reenergized.

 A learner’s mistake—an opportunity for growth.

The structure to leverage your rapid learning is: chunk, sequence, connect, dump, practice, and prioritize.

Understanding who you’re selling to is far more important that what you’re selling. People, not organizations, make decisions.

The truth is, the status quo is your biggest competitor. Your prospects don’t want to change how they’re doing things. Immerse yourself in the status quo. Search for its weaknesses, shortcomings, and gaps.

Your brain loves stories—it remembers narratives a gazillion times longer than a bunch of disparate facts.

When you’re deep in study mode, stop every thirty minutes to review what you’ve just learned. Repeat the information you just covered out loud to yourself. This helps cement it in your brain even more when you want to recall it.

Planning matters. Planning enables sales agility.

Role-playing helps you hone your skills and increase your effectiveness. You can use it to improve your phone and in-person conversations, demonstrations, negotiations, and more. It’s really invaluable to build your soft skills through repetition and trial and error.

Eat your pride; ask for help earlier rather than later.

Staying curious propels you faster on your path to proficiency. It’s also what makes you agile and more quickly able to respond to changes as they occur.

Eliminate multitasking to learn faster and think better.

Salespeople who sell with noble purpose—who want to make a difference to customers—outsell salespeople who focus on sales goals and money.

Teaching others will help you to solidify your own knowledge. Teaching is a great opportunity to force you learn something new.

Your learning agility becomes your competitive edge.

Make your own personal growth and development the number-one priority.