I want it now

Have you noticed that we are loosing our patience? We can’t wait for things happen. And your customer is not the exception.
What’s going on?
Your customer is getting impatient. Millennials, Z generation, whoever. Every generation is less patience.
Do you want just to show a short video? You only have 6 seconds. Do you want to show a lot of stuff in your website? You are screwed. If you are lucky they will check it with a computer and, maybe, you’ll have a bigger span of time to show what you do. If not, they with check it with their smartphones and you will have less than a half of second to sell your product.
We need to adapt our companies to this race. Maybe your target is not young, but your content needs to evolve and adapts to the new circumstances.
Keep it simple… and short.
PS: Considering this, living in China is even craziest. Everything here moves quicker than anywhere. In fact, here quality is perceived in terms of time. Quality means saving time.