Nudge yourself

A couple of days ago, in the Book Review category, I wrote about the book Now, Discover Your Strengths. With this one, I’ve figure out my talents, as you should do, because they are the key to make the jump you need in your career. In this post, I’ll tell you how to push yourself to excel and how to get the results you want, adding strategic triggers.
We all have heard about positive triggers and how we can turn some routines in our favor. It’s something so simple, that works since the first day you try.
But the interesting point of this topic is how to nudge yourself to achieve the excellence.
I’m not telling you how to make the stuff perfect. Because, if you try to make it as perfect as possible, you’ll be stuck forever.
Don’t get me wrong. I like to focus on little details, but here you need to take care of the opportunity cost.
So, what’s the opportunity cost of not being focus in your talents using triggers?
It’s simple. You can be good at something, or you can be the best. Period.
Being the best means that you’ve discover your talents and you want to go one step further.
Here is how I push myself every single day. But remember, what works for me, maybe it doesn’t for you. You need to discover your way. Anyhow, I’m going to give three examples that have worked for me and I’ve seen the results quickly.

1. Change your computer’s password. This is powerful as hell. If you think about it, you write your password a lot of times during the day, so try to put a word that reminds you to focus on get your talents further. Nonetheless, it’s important to change it from time to time, like each 2 weeks or a month. Otherwise you will start ignoring it, and we want to avoid that happens. And if you’re crazy enough, change your phone password.

2. Change your phone’s background. I love this one. As we check so many times our phones, there’s no way to avoid this one. Right now, I have a background with a simple What If on it. So, each time I check it, I try to apply that question to whatever topic I’m thinking in that moment. Believe me, it works.

3. Phone alarms as an infallible trigger. If you are a lazy ass, put some alarms in your phone during the day. This is simple and effective. Do you need to remind yourself to focus on the work that matters? Or get yourself in the shoes of your customers? Put an alarm of whatever you want to focus and you’ll see results from day one.

As you can see, there are several ways to nudge yourself in the way you want to. Positive triggers are important. They can change your mood, force yourself to go to the gym or just think it the positive side of anything. However, we can take it further focusing in our own strengths and bring our careers to a whole new level.
So, what’s the opportunity cost of not doing this?