Big isn't always better

The other day I was quite shocked when I heard… Look at this company, they are only 3 guys working there and when you see their website it seems the company’s huge. What a good marketing!. Immediately, I knew I was in the wrong room.
Why is everybody upset wanting to be perceived as a big company? Bigger isn’t synonym of better.
Small is powerful. You’re agile, you are able to take risks and you can jump the bureaucratic crap. So, why do you want to show off as a big company?
If you want to do that, you’ll target the wrong people. Good marketing is not about telling how big you are, it’s about¬†focusing on a small audience that truly wants to hear your story and tell it to people.
Telling the story in the humble way (leaving the ego at home) is probably the first step to spread an idea.
Therefore, forget about how big is your company and focus on the story that helps to build an audience.