In the search of problems

It’s usually said… Avoid negative people, they have a problem for every solution.
Wait… Solution first and problem after? Take this approach in the other way around if you want to succeed. Finding a problem an, after that, offer a solution.
One of the main reason startups fails is that they take the wrong approach. As we’ve seen they, first, find a solution, and after that they push it to the market. It’s merely a push strategy where you put your desires to the market, but we need it to make it in the other way.
What we need is activate our radar to seek problems. You can come with a solution, but a solution for what? The reasoning should be focused on external feedback (understand the market), transforming it into knowledge (defining well the problem) and come with a product/service (a solution of the problem).
Your succeed rate will be directly related with this approach. Did you find the problem first? That means you’re using a pull strategy. Or are you pushing a product to the market?
Push strategies can work, but the likelihood of that working out is small. Don’t get stuck with your own ideas just because you love them (we all go through it). Recognizing where your reasoning comes from, will help you to fix your product to the market.