Monkey dressed in silk

In Spain we have a famous saying (I’m Spanish and we usually have sayings for everything) that it won’t make any sense in English, but here it goes:
Although the monkey gets dressed in silk, she’s still a monkey.
This basically means, that you can make up something as much as you want, but in the end the reality it’s the same.
The other day this say came to my mind when I heard something terrible about marketing.
Sometimes, when you hear some high executives, you realize that they don’t know what marketing really means. The problem was when I heard something like… Well, in the end is marketing’s job to put something in a beautiful way to make up the product.
Holy crap.
What you say has to be correlated with your actions. Otherwise, the customers (though, your employees as well) will notice the lack of harmony of what you say and what you actually do.
Are you a risk taker? Open to innovation? Customer focused? Good words are not enough. And please, don’t think marketing is that. Marketing will only help you to say something is beautiful, only if it’s really gorgeous.
Marketing has to be ingrained in your company. It’s not only a department.
When you answer the phone, talk with your team, follow the values of the company… All of them are related with marketing. So forget about the idea that marketing is about to make something sounds beautiful just because.
If your product is a monkey, it doesn’t matter the silk’s dress.