ROI as a serial killer

You can’t justify all your actions with a ROI. ROI’s the enemy, the serial killer.
There’s no long-term predictions anymore. I’m sorry but in marketing we can’t assure that something will work 100% sure.
Do you want to justify your actions through numbers? There’s no reason to play this game.
I remember one teacher in my university that always says… The best way to understand one point is to look to the edges. Here, in this one, you can differentiate between two of them. The pure sales focused and the long-term dreamer.
As Walt Disney said once: We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.
It’s not always about ROI, is about making something beautiful. Of course, the main purpose of a company is to make money, there’s no doubt about it. But making money for what? Just to make more money?
Every company should decide in which side of the road they want to be.
Money is not final goal, is a tool. Making something remarkable is the real goal. An there’s no shortcut for it.