That day will come

Maybe you’ve wondered why some of your stuff didn’t work in the past. Or all the moments of pain trying to make a different.
The good news is, your career is based on connections. Points that only will make sense when you gather them all. Because everything you do dictates which one will be your next move. And whether it worked in the past or no, the day when you find the whole picture of those dots will come.
You’ve been failing for a reason. It’s okay, that’s the key of everything.
In a not-far future you’ll connect all the points and you’ll be able to make it better, and quicker than any before. They became a strength.
Everything will make sense. Don’t worry, that day is closer than you think.
Projects that people tell you that makes no sense, will make sense. The startups you tried to launch and failed, will make the difference. All of those connections are related in the best way possible.