We like stories, not bullshit

Telling stories is good. They can fulfill our companies engaging our audience with it. Stories are a tool to share and spread ideas.
Think in stories as a transaction with your audience. You offer them a good story, and they give you their attention, their time. Something really valuable.
But it’s better not to confuse a story with bullshit. I repeat, this is a trade with your audience, you offer them something interesting to share and they give you their time. But nothing of this will help you if you don’t put effort on it. If you have something interesting to tell, spread it. If not, you don’t need to make a story.
A story’s directly connected with your values. If, in one point, you don’t follow them, you selling crap, not a story.
Just keep in mind, if you are going to create a story, make something interesting − if not, don’t waste the time of your audience… You will loose them.