Your job is to think

Yesterday, I arrived a little bit late to my apartment. It was quite late, but I wanted to write a blog post anyway. However, in the moment I opened my laptop to start with it, words didn’t come out. I didn’t think about what to write, and that was a mistake.
This wasn’t the first time (and it won’t be the last one…), but with this example we can prove a simple fact… To make something good, first you need to take your time to think about it.
Jumping into the keyword doesn’t work. It’s time wasting.
What are you gonna talk about? What’s the structure of the content? …?
It takes at least the double of time to think about those questions than the act of writing the content. But… it’s efficient. And the results are way better.
If you are a marketer this can be applied to your job. How much time do you usually spend (let’s say invest) to think about your stuff? And when you’re working, how much time can be reduced if you think about it beforehand?
I usually say that it’s better to take action and make something happen. I don’t deny it. Nonetheless, being prepared to make it (think), is as important as to take action.
Your job is to think. So take your time for it.