Uncompleted tasks

Once we finish a task, we forget about it. We know the work has to be improved, but in the end, nothing will change.
There’s a basic difference in the way we classify the tasks in our minds. It’s simple, we only have two options. Completed or uncompleted tasks.
When we know a task is basically completed, we forget about it. It goes to the trash folder. We know that in the future we should change it, but guess what… we won’t!
Nonetheless, when we are tackling an uncompleted task, it gets stick in our mind. Thinking about it all the time is when we find remarkable creative ways to deal with it.
Just because we haven’t said that it is completed, doesn’t mean is not good enough. It’s different. A good enough is still an uncompleted task. But there’s still time to make it great.
So, before saying that the task is completed, make sure you don’t want to make any changes in the future.