A free salad

I remember each time I travel or move away to another country. Everything is new, you find interesting a lot of things and the most important point, you have your mind opened.
You are more able to do things you wouldn’t do in a comfortable environment, and that’s when you can achieve a lot of things. In the end is a mindset, but not always is easy to keep it.
When you are established in a city for several months, you start losing this open minded advantage you gain when you are in a non-known environment. And that’s when you have to push yourself, leave your shyness out and do things you wouldn’t do.
Today I went to a Japanese restaurant (I go there almost everyday) and I wanted to take an uncomfortable situation to become in this state of open-mindedness. So while I was having my lunch, I asked the waiter if I could have another salad kit for free. Awaiting for an argument or discussion of why they should give me another salad for free, I found that he was smiling and yes, sure, whatever you need. Awesome!
The free salad wasn’t the point (delicious by the way), it was instead an excuse to push you to an uncomfortable situation and tackle a different point to have a different mindset in everything you do.
It can be to order another salad for free, ask for a discount in a store or whatever that would’ve put you in a “situation”.
Go. Do something stupid!