Everybody knows it, why don’t you?

Notice the last time you started to do something just because everyone else was doing it.
Read a best-seller, watch the debate of Trump Vs. Clinton, or as every year thousands and thousands of people watching the super bowl… There so many examples of why we do stuff just because we want to feel as insiders in front of others.
Everybody does that, you are not the exception, nor I.
We like to be perceived as insiders. We don’t wanna be out of the loop.
This is one of the key principles of virality, and why some content has a big explosion in social media.
The creation of your content to be viral is as important as the traction channel you use to get everywhere.
How do you let your audience feel like insiders? That’s a question every company should ask themselves.
Everybody wants to be an insider.
PS: This concept is well explained in Invisible Influence.