Should I cook today?

This week I’m working from home, and every time I’m in a sprint (working as many hours as possible to get the shit done) I face the problem of should I cook? Or I just order something…?
Let’s say I decide to cook. That means you need to prepare the ingredients, start cooking, and afterwards clean the dishes. Let’s say you spend… one hour?
The other option is to order something online that takes you a couple of minutes (here in China this is fantastic), you pay few bucks and just spend 15 minutes to eat, and you get back to work.
I face this kind of situations every day, as you do. The paradox comes when we don’t count our time as a resource. The key here is to know how much money your time costs.
Of course there are some periods that you can’t afford going to restaurants or order food online. But when you can, what’s the opportunity cost of cooking vs. not cooking?
Apply this to all the aspects in your life, and start managing your time. Specially when you are launching a project. From designing, programming, or whatever you can outsource, that would give you freedom to focus on the real stuff.
The truth is, time is our most limited resource. So you decide how to manage it.