When you’re launching a project/campaign, or calculating expenses, you will deal with unexpected scenarios. You can’t avoid them.
There will always be delays, extra expenses and so forth. You can try to be as realistic as you want but every time the same happens. You say one month, and it becomes three.
However, there are some signals that will suggest that something unexpected is going to happen. Maybe they are hidden, but if you pay attention, they are there. So you can redirect your path into the track.
These signals can be feelings, something that’s not working out correctly…. It can take several forms, we just need to be aware of them and be ready to make corrections.
It’s impossible to avoid unexpected scenarios, and you can get crazy if you look for them. But you can embrace and work them out. Just be as realistic as possible, and if we are talking about expenses and timings.. Be pessimistic as hell.