Different input, different output

Yesterday I was on a flight from Madrid to Canary Islands, what means I had around 3 straight hours to read a book, and this time was a different kind of book that gave me a precious insight. Every time I flight on a plane I like to pick a new book. For me, it’s one of the best places to read. You can dive in it for hours without any kind of interruption (if you are lucky enough not to have someone annoying near you).
Actually, I usually pick two or three books—or few dozens in my kindle. One of the books has to be a new one, and the other/s something that I’m already reading. Doing this, if the new one doesn’t worth, I can continue with the others. But, the main reason I pick a new one is for the straight time you have without interruptions. And that’s the perfect moment to dive in something new.
In my flight to Canary Islands I started the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humandkind by Yuval Noah Harari. I’ve heard about this book several times so I decided to take a look. And, damn, it is good. An anthropology’s book that tells a valuable story about our human species. But not only that, it gives you an useful insight about us.
During that flight I came with so many ideas I haven’t had before. I only needed few hours to dip in a different theme, to have a new perspective. The result? One of the best lectures about marketing I’ve had.
You can only gain perspective when you jump in different areas. Therefore, after that flight I can conclude that, if you read the same books as your competitors you have two choices. You can end up doing the same stuff as they do, or you can read more—different—books than them and have a refreshed insight.
As you’ve guessed, in order to achieve originality you have to read more and different books than your competitors. For example, if you’re reading only the marketing best-sellers—you’re probably handing the same books as they are, consequently the likelihood of achieving the same thinking is high. However, if you read more books—here I mean, more books about marketing of course, but also books from another areas—your insight will be fulfilled by different information, so you can come with original ideas.
If everybody is consuming the same source of information (for example, books) the output would be similar. It’s only by consuming different sources of information when you can come with a variety of original options to choose from.
PS: If you want to dive a bit in this topic, I highly recommend you the book Where Good Ideas Can From (you can read the best content of the book here).