Finding inspiration — Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the process of how to find inspiration by stealing. But I didn’t dive into the benefits nor specifications about what do I mean by steal.
The truth is, innovation rarely comes from something 100% original. As we saw in Where Good Ideas Come From, great innovations start with an existing platform.
For example Youtube disrupted the market quickly because they took the right moment (internet speed was good) and they used Flash Player to reproduce videos online.
The concept of copying or stealing comes when you look around and ask yourself, what’s in this for me? Can I use it? Copy it? Steal it?
You can copy a website design, apply an existent business model into your own market, or used a platform to boost your product.
While focusing on something truly original might be a waste of time—finding inspiration and building from there, will give you the traction you need to put your business in the map.
Go. Start with a template and make it yours.