Cheating is allowed

While you’re a student in high school—or wherever—you’re told you’re not supposed to cheat on exams. It’s for your own good. Therefore you have to study by heart all the information you need to fill in the exam’s paper. If you get caught cheating with a small piece of paper under your sleeve, bad for you.
Deep down, when I was in high school, I remember I had a different kind of exam once. It was supposed to be easier but it was a hell of a exam. It’s not because it was difficult, it was because we got the possibility to cheat. We could bring all the materials we wanted, but instead of basics questions, we got problems to solve. The result? A lot of us failed.
The interesting thing about it was that it showed us how prepared we were for the real world. Even with tools we couldn’t even figure it out.
This situation, afterwards, lets me with two thoughts:
1) Exams are bullshit: they don’t prepare you for the real world. They only make you slow and sloppy in your thinking. And that’s because students that get high results they’re not more likely to become successful than their other companions.
2) In the real world you can cheat: you can type in Google something in less than a second and get a response, pick a book from your bookshelf or ask somebody for help. What it really matters is being able to solve problems.
Nobody is gonna point you out for cheating.
Copy if you have to, because knowing something by heart ain’t help you out there.