Credits not required

Deep down, when I was a kid I usually hanged out with fellows older than me. I was quite introvert and sometimes when I spoke, my voice was so low that nobody could hear me. Until the moment I said something funny. There was always someone that would repeat it after me and would get all the credits. I  hated that.
As a kid what you want is recognition about how funny and creative your jokes are, but in my case there was almost always someone that would repeat it and everybody laughed.
In your career can happen the same. Nonetheless, there is a slightly difference…you should give a damn about credits. Credits are for amateurs. For kids.
I want to make myself clear here. Everybody wants to be recognized, that’s our human nature, however. Credits can be the difference between making change happens or stay in the same path.
Who would care about credits if you can get your work done? Being a pro means having lack of interest about getting credits. As a matter of fact, give your credits away. That’s one of the best ways of getting people interested in working with you.
What if in your company you just forget about who’s receiving the credits and start doing the work that matters?