The downside of planning ahead

Right now I’m about to take a plane, moving away for a while. That means I’m busy organizing my stuff and working a bit before running to the airport. Plus, I have to update my blog. And every time is the same… I say, yeah, I should have several blog posts as backup for these day. You know what? In the end I always run until the last minute. And that’s good.
Even though I try to plan ahead having some posts ready, when I have them I become lazy. I write less and break my routine.
The possitive side is, when you are in a rush you become super productive and get a post done in a third of the time it would take you in normal conditions—known as the Parkinson’s Law—. As a matter of fact, it’s good because forces you to think every single day about what you’re going to write.
The downside, when you are extremely busy, you can screw it up. And sticking to a post a day takes more willpower than planning ahead. Of course having some posts as backup is fantastic, but you can get lazy and return to the same point.
Therefore, you write everywhere. At the airport while waiting for your luggage, when you are in the subway, or even while you’re at the bathroom.
We’ve been told to plan ahead everything, so we can be safe. Nonetheless, as Mario Adretti said:

If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough. —Mario Andretti