Getting uncomfortable

One of the things I really love while traveling in Asia are their parks and temples. I find quite relaxing their parks. People doing Tai Chi, sports, hidden spots where you can stay away from the crowd to read, and so on. However, today I started to get nervous for a moment when I was going out of a Thai park.
It seemed that everybody was running in the opposite direction I was going. I usually don’t care, but I didn’t see someone walking in the same direction as I did, and the exit was further than I thought. So after a minute I noticed how I started to look to both sides asking to myself, maybe I should go to the established way. Anyway, when I was out I realized how stupid was the situation.
Immediately after, I saw how we tackle the same experience in our day to day. We don’t want to go against the crowd, it’s uncomfortable. We want to join them because it would feel safer. Few people take the other direction. And only these few realize how stupid is to follow the same path as everybody else.
What if you stand against and take the uncomfortable path? How stupid would you feel afterwards?