How procrastination can save your company

When looking back, you don’t regret the decisions you’ve made, because back then that was what you knew. Sure, you chose the best decision based on the information you had, but today you pay the consequences of not investing enough time researching in the past
As Zig Ziglar used to say, we make new decisions based on new information.
The problem when it comes to business strategies is limiting your decisions based on what you know.
That seems obvious. But from one decision to another, results can differ a lot. And that difference becomes when you invest a little bit of time finding new information.
This idea can’t be generalized, but for most cases just knowing a bit more can make the difference. And that bit more usually means reading a book.
Are you tackling a difficult decision? Read a book about it. The day you spend reading it, will worth the time.
So many companies start with the wrong strategy. Lately, I’m hearing… I’m going to use a content strategy because that’s what works now. Let’s not dive into what content means, but almost everybody that says that is because they don’t know the repertoire of strategies.
That’s a decision that can’t be answered slightly, because it will doom your company from the minute one. And you can avoid that just reading a single book (in this case Traction).
Again, we make new decisions based on new information.
If the answer can wait for a day or two—and I’m sure it can—procrastinate and find new information. Or in the worst case, hire a consultant if you can afford it.
In the long term, if you don’t invest enough time finding new information, your brand will suffer.
Don’t stick with one strategy just because is the only one you’ve heard it works. Go find new information and see the whole picture. Then decide.