What's next?

If you like to travel, one of the things you do for sure is to think about your next destination. Even though you’re currently visiting one place, you’re already thinking on your next one. That’s okay, but you miss the opportunity to enjoy what you’ve got in front of you.
The same applies to several aspects in life and business.

The job I have right now is not the good one. I’ll wait to get a new one and then do remarkable stuff.

My web is not great. When I have it perfectly done then, I’ll start writing stuff.

My boss doesn’t let me do X. When I change the job then I’ll do X.

Looking to the future is great. But thinking about your next destination/job/boss/opportunity won’t make you any good.
Right now you’ve got some cards. Play them and make your best move.
Don’t miss the moment just dreaming. Do your best and enjoy with what you’ve got.