How to boost your audience in 4 steps

So you have one product and no audience. Alright, what would be the next logical step? Find your audience, right? But it ain’t be easy. Getting to know your audience is complicated. Too many variations and you can’t cover them all. However you have a different choice… Finding a place where your audience is hanging out.
There’s a point to consider here: you don’t create an audience, they are already out there. You’ve just got to reach them.
Why would you spend a lot of resources when there’s another company that already has their attention?
Find someone who already has your audience, and help them to get brand exposure.
All you have to do to increase your brand exposure and get an audience is:

Step 1: Define your target

As I said a couple of days before, you’ve got to know every single detail about your target. Period.

Step 2: Figure out where they hang out

Which medium do they consume? Is there any common blog they read? Youtube channel? …

Step 3: Collaborate with that medium

You’ve got a list of sites and places where they hang out. Now find a way to collaborate with them to get the attention of your audience.
Can you make a guest post? Can you give a talk? Think about win-win situations.

Step 4: Redirect the audience to you

This point is important. You can use the same platform you used in the step 3 again, but having direct contact with your audience is game changing.
Instead, offer them something to get their emails in return. Then you will have an asset.
While reaching out individually your target can be time consuming (and costly), making a collaboration with a medium your target is already using is one of the smartest ways to put your brand on the map.
There are hundreds of ways to make collaborations that can boost your email list.
Sometimes, the easiest way is the best.