Context, system and practice

When you’re dealing with a problem at work, you’re used to apply a variety of question automatically to a concrete situation. For example, when you are defining a business model, what’s usual is to ask an array of questions—just because you’ve used to do that. But when the context changes and you’re dealing with something new, your automatic system fails.
Your system tells you unconsciously the questions you’ve got to ask. It works perfectly, but the problem comes when you change the context and those automatic questions don’t pop out.
After that you just say desperately, How could I forget to ask that?
This situation is more common than you think. When the context changes you get lost.
Solution? Train and update your system.
Now you have a system where you automatically ask a few questions to a topic, good. From now, gather those basic questions and try to apply them to everything.
For me, one of the points that work best is… Problems first, solutions afterwards.
Instead of, How can I push this product to the market? Ask yourself, What problem the market has? How can I solve it?
There are tons of examples but you’ve got to make your own list.
Once you control your system you can become more creative than ever before.