A powerful trick only travelers know

When I was traveling around Southeast Asia, one of the best things I learned was being able to think like a local. It makes a big difference.
One day in Myanmar, I did the mistake of going to the bus station too early to buy a ticket. And since the station was quite far away from the city I had to come back again to spend the rest of the day. Oh my… It was difficult as hell to find a cab.
Actually I could find some, but it was obvious that they wanted to charge me a lot. So I said no thanks and walked for a while.
After 20 minutes I wasn’t even in a quart of the way so I said to myself… What would a local do? The answer without doubt was to find a pickup and get in. (You can’t find buses, so you have to go into the back part of a truck.)
In the end, I just paid 30 cents for a ride to the city—plus a dangerous experience—instead of being fooled.
The simple question of what would a local do? saved me for the walk. Yes, I could put my pride aside and pay the cab, but that’s not the point.
Asking yourself questions like “what would a ______ do?” will save you tons of resources. Maybe that’s the key to get into your customer’s mind.