Pushing boundaries: one year of blogging

It’s been exactly 1 year since I started this blog while I was living in Shanghai. It started as a way to publish my thoughts in a sloppy WordPress theme, but now it’s changed into a different game.
I didn’t start this blog with the idea of publishing a post a day. But that decision is, and will be, one of the keys to push any career further.
For me these are the benefits I’ve got with this blog:

1. Clarity matters

Daily postings means you ship something everyday. That means that every single morning you’ve got to get up thinking, what am I going to publish today?
The act of constantly thinking about an idea, makes you better at your craft. And not only that, it helps you to clarify your thoughts and structure your ideas.

2. Track your own steps

The beauty of this is that you can see what you were thinking every single day since you started to blog. Knowing what you thought exactly in that day is priceless—and it’s also your best résumé.

3. You’re exposed

Since you have to push yourself to come with an idea everyday, there’s always a possibility of being wrong. Therefore, you have to think about an idea, make a prediction and put it into the world. And you don’t delete posts. Thereby, that means you’ve got to have the guts to say I was wrong back then and put your new thoughts to the world. That’s not easy, but it’s the price to pay.

•     •     •

I started late to publish an idea a day, so now in this year I published 245 posts in total. People usually quit before the first year, but I think that’s a mistake. After the first, second, or even third year, is when you start to see results. It’s like writing a book. Drip by drip you move forward—and in the end, you have something worth the time you invested every day.
Starting a blog depends on your objectives, but it’s a boost for your career, you don’t have to measure your analytics. You’ve got to measure yourself.