Pushing downhill

Recently I bought a longboard, a kind of skateboard but faster and comfortable, because it’s the best way to go through the city and have fun. One day riding with it, I figured out one of the main problems… Pushing uphill.
Going out there downhill is super fun and fast—and you actually enjoy the ride. If the road is flat is not too bad, you just have to push a little bit the board and the speed is great. However, if you’re going uphill you want to die. You can push it for a while, but when the road is too steep you just get of the board and walk. Because there’s no reason to push. You get tired and don’t move forward.
When you’re dealing with clients it’s the same. Sometimes, no matter how well you sell projects, you’ll have to get off the board and walk. Nonetheless, this time with the difference that you probably won’t end the road.
If they don’t get the joke, go someone else that does, because you want to go downhill. Don’t waste your energy and patience with people that don’t want to hear from you.
Instead, go out there and find someone with whom you can push your board downhill. You’ll get there faster and have fun in the process.