The benefits of blogging

Starting a blog is one the most easiest things to do, but publishing content is the difficult part. You’ve probably started a blog, but the likelihood that you stopped updating it is high. In order to maintain an up-to-date blog you need to gain the habit of writing every single day. Not an easy task, but these are the benefits you’ll obtain:

1. Clarity. Writing well is not an easy task. And by that I mean giving the text a proper structure and a story. Organize your thoughts and put them into words in a way that the reader understands and engages.

Almost always the problem is that you don’t understand the idea. You’ve got some random thoughts, but you miss the structure. Blogging will help—and force—you to organize your ideas, giving them the clarity they need. That’s why every marketer should have a blog, because it’s the best way to learn how to put an idea into the world, deleting all the noise the message goes through without affecting the core idea.

2. Culture of shipping. This is the main reason so many people stop updating their blogs. For a long time I’ve been an idea thinker, and not idea shipper. It was a few years ago when I realize that if I don’t pick an idea and put it into the world, nothing will happen.

In this way, blogging will push you in two ways: having a deadline and the habit of shipping. Having a deadline is the best way to ship something—specially in daily blogging. Since you have a deadline you need to force you to think what you’re going to deliver today. Thus, you force your brain to think about that idea everywhere until you got yours. Over time this will create a valuable habit of shipping your work. So many people create good work but when shipping comes, they got stuck. The habit of shipping will make you see your work differently, in the way that if you start something, you’ve got to ship it.