The rotten strawberry

Have you notice that when you have fruits in your fridge, if one piece starts to rot, the rest follows too?
I’m now in my hometown in Spain, and I love this season because you can find fresh strawberries everywhere. So every time I can, I buy a big box full of them. But there’s always the same problem. One strawberry gets rotten and if you don’t take care, the rest starts to get in bad shape as well.
The solution? Look every time to the bottom of the box and identify which ones are staring to get rotten—so you can throw them away. Then the rest will maintain their freshness.
Moreover, this applies to organizations as well. If there’s a rotten strawberry somewhere and you don’t know, it will spread to the others really fast.
What this rotten strawberry causes is that everybody starts to follow that bad behavior, injuring the whole.
In this case the process is the same. But instead of throwing the strawberry away, you try to reshape it. You try to tackle the issue and redirect their behavior, however. When it persists, the only solution is to throw that strawberry away.
By doing that, you make sure that the people who stay in the company want to make a difference and follow your mission.
Winners take action before is to late. Otherwise, the change you want to make can get rotten.