The reason I don't allow comments in my blog

I copied this idea from Seth Godin. In a podcast, he said he doesn’t allow blog comments because people will push him to be average. People that don’t want to hear from him, writing comments that won’t help him to make the change he wants to make. I couldn’t agree more.
Once I was talking with a friend about this idea. In my experience, he said, the 10% of the readers are active, that means they actively comment to posts, and around 1% of them are trolls. These people steal your time. You have to engage in discussions, moderate, respond… In the end, they don’t want to buy your products… It’s the 90% that matters.
Alas, we forget to focus on that 90%, those who don’t talk, but are eager to hear from us.
Focusing on blog comments is a way to feed that 10% that don’t want to hear from me. Even though I could miss some good comments, instead, I rather create more content for the 90% that want to hear from me, and be glad if some of them reach me out.