The Youtube's effect

YouTube can be an amazing tool for your own growth, or it can be the most dangerous thing ever.
Here you can find two downsides: (1) you inner short-term reward system gets used to these kind of instant pleasures really quickly–making it harder to resist the next time; and then (2) Youtube’s algorithm will predict that you like that kind of content, so their suggestions will make you dumber. That means that in the precise moment you play a dumb video, you’re doomed. Therefore, we can come to a definition for Youtube’s effect: the dumber the videos you consume then dumber you’ll become.
You can say that a couple of minutes of fun doesn’t harm anyone, and you’re probably right, however. Since Youtube’s algorithm suggests you more funny videos, you’re one click away and one step closer of being dumber.
And this effect is the same for Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Any algorithm that personalizes content based on what it’s clicked dooms you. And guess what, it’s not only about Youtube. Your browser history compiles cookies. And those cookies are used to personalize your content. Now you can figure out what kind of impact these algorithms are having in your life.
Nevertheless, you can just watch things that makes you smarter and closer to your goals. That’s okay.
Or you can completely ignore them. Which is also an excellent choice.
It’s up to you.
[This effect is even worse on TV. Because you don’t get to decide what to watch. You’re passive. And that’s why I encourage everybody to not watch live TV at all.]