From top to bottom: the mistaken approach of the origin of great ideas

The truth is that great ideas rarely come from the top.
R&D departments don’t innovate. Sure, they’ve got great innovations, but great ideas/innovations without implementation die.
It’s not that Tesla is the only one with great technology. Their competitors have great technology too. But in their labs. Dying. And despite now it’s not as good as the one Tesla has, it could’ve been good if a few years ago they decided to take the leap.
Innovations come from employees. They are the ones that when they see something, they work it out and make it happen. From bottom to top.
People innovate, not companies.
Innovations work when we adopt the mindset of a starter (call it entrepreneur if you wish), which means making it as simple as possible that, even though it might fail, nobody would care if it does. But, if it works, the payoff is huge. That’s the way innovations work.
Here I’m not talking about breakthrough innovations. I’m talking about small innovations that rule the market.
Making breakthrough innovations is great, and I’m glad that some companies have done them, and still work on them. But it doesn’t have to be you.
Instead, I encourage you to find something that the consumer wants. Something that you see and competitors are not doing for two reasons: (1) because they don’t see it, or (2) because they are afraid of doing it. You can bet almost always is the second one.