The specialization paralysis

Lately I’ve been hearing the same about a bunch of people. They ask me what I think about their businesses and how they can make a difference. However, when it comes the time to mention specialization, every one of them say they want to do two or three things at the same time, being the specialist, the one and only on the three… That’s not gonna happen.
The problem of today’s reality is that internet opened information for everybody. So it’s not enough to be better than the 96% of the market, as it used to work. Today you’ve got to be better than everybody else and enter into the 1% game. Thus, the only way to do that is by focusing on one thing, not a bunch of them.
It’s impossible to be the best in the world in something if you don’t put your whole attention on it.
Then, what I tell this people is to kill two options and focus on one. Overcome the fear of the what if it doesn’t work and do something about it. Because in the end, hesitating whether the pick one of them, is the specialization paralysis. That’s the fear that stops them to go full throttle instead of procrastinate and be mediocre.
When you want to buy a car you usually have two or three choices in mind. As a result, you only pick one of them because that’s what you can afford. Unless you are rich and buy the three of them, you’ve got to decide and pick one. Therefore, for you and your business is the same.
Overcome fear, decide and move forward.