Why people stick with status quo over the years

Yesterday LinkedIn sent a message to let me know that somebody I met in Shanghai has been in the same company for 10 years. And they suggested me to send her congrats… (!) Well, I’m not sure whether that’s good news or bad news, but I do know that the status quo has defeated her.
When I was in Shanghai, every time I saw her she was talking about a business idea and saying her dream was to start a company. The thing is, she didn’t have money problems, or anything that could stop her. Well, actually it was something, her lizard brain choosing the status quo…
What happens with the status quo is this:

Each year that passes the likelihood to stick with the status quo (left column) becomes higher and higher. And that’s the case of the woman from Shanghai. She’s been sticking with it for too long and now she’s reached a point where it’s almost impossible to get out.
That’s the reason ideas worth nothing unless you implement them. Because she’s been talking about one business idea for 10 years, doing nothing to make it happen.
Almost everybody at some point feels stuck. That’s when it becomes critical to, first, acknowledge the situation and, second, do something about it.
In the graphic above you can see how that change makes the difference (the circle on the orange line). That’s when you do whatever is necessary to get back on track, and make the change you seek to make. Otherwise, if you wait too much it’ll be too hard for you to take the leap… Your lizard brain will make it feel so dangerous that you won’t make it.
Defending the status quo is always comfortable, but acknowledging it and fighting against it is critical to make change happen.