Remarkables Series 2/7: Don't wait

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Is timing really the issue?
Your inner narrative is up to you.
And guess what, you’ll never the 100% ready, so it’s not about timing. Either way, permission is also irrelevant.
Today with this thing called the Internet you don’t need someone’s permission. You can just hustle and do what you should be doing today, not 10 years from now.
And if your lizard brain needs any permission. Go. You have mine.
Now what are you gonna do?
The key is not to wait for the perfect business, the perfect logo or the perfect idea. Doing it fast and being agile as you go is key. Otherwise, if you don’t put your idea out there, you can’t possibly make it as perfect as you’d like to.
But this is not about waiting for the perfect idea. That’s only an excuse. As it is timing or permission. An excuse to feed the Resistance (the inner force that stops us from doing the work, as Steven Pressfield named it in The War of Art) that doesn’t want us to succeed.
If timing is not the issue…
If permission is irrelevant…
And if perfection doesn’t matter…
What’s pushing you back?
Marketing something has more to do with guts than actually knowing how to market.
Develop small projects and put them in front of the right people. One day, one of those projects will get bigger into a project that resonates. And you’d be glad you took the leap.
Go. You’ve got my permission.