Remarkables Series 6/7: Nobody knows anything

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That’s the hard truth, nobody knows anything. And if you’re seeking wisdom in others you’re very wrong.
Seeking for feedback and the search of doing things better is a great way to improve. But that’s only a tool. You’re the only one that has the whole picture. So, you want to listen carefully and be very selective in which advice you take for granted.
At some point, one day you’ll discover that you’ve got to take responsibility for your professional growth. And today with so many things available, you don’t have to learn from somebody to become the professional you seek to be.
Now you can be selective and learn from many professionals while (and this is important) you’re becoming one.
There’s no need to wait before you start becoming a professional..
Today you don’t have to work for Procter & Gamble to become a professional marketer.
The Internet has democratized the knowledge and removed the barriers to entry. Learning with big budgets and managing brands is not longer needed—you can learn marketing by doing marketing, for free.
There are so many things you can learn for free.
You don’t need permission.
You don’t need to follow a professional so one day you could become one.
All it takes is to change your mindset and start becoming the professional you should be.
The tools are out there. Most of them for free.
The learning curves have flattened, and you don’t have to spend years at a fancy company to be ready.
Stop looking for wisdom from other people. Today nobody knows anything, otherwise we’d all be rich.
The road is unknown for everyone.