The story goes at the top

The other day somebody contacted me and asked why I don’t do certain things in my blog or don’t try to monetize it. My response was so direct and simple that I think I changed the way she thought about marketing.
Successful brands have something in common. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that in their hierarchy of things they do, they put at the top their story, because it’s the most important thing. Then, afterwards, they define every aspect of the company.
So I told her that, the reason I don’t do certain things is because, those things, don’t match my story. Sometimes doing one tactic works, but sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s not the point… They’re just tactics. In fact, you don’t have to take everything you learn out there for granted. Instead, you have to understand the thinking behind every tactic and understand the strategy.
The key to make a brand successful—and this is one of the things where most marketers go wrong—is knowing when something goes against your story, and then don’t do it. Period.
After all, it turns out that your story is also defined by your actions. So everything you do is part of your story.
So before you do anything—even the most little thing—make sure it doesn’t go against your story. It sounds difficult though. But when you believe in your story, it comes naturally to you what you should or shouldn’t do.