Can everybody make a website?

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that he’s about to launch his new website. He has a startup that designs and builds surf equipment, and he asked me to review his website to see how he could improve it.
Before he sent me the link, he told me that he hired a marketing agency that was nearby (problem #1, never hire an agency because they’re the closest one). And he wasn’t sure about the results he was gonna get…
In turned out that this ‘marketing agency’ didn’t know about marketing at all. They were just doing websites with some sort of ‘digital services’.
So I told my friend to stop working with them and find some people that actually know what marketing is for (and design.)
Alas, there are so many ‘agencies’ without knowing what they’re doing.
Making a website is easy, but designing a good one is a whole different story.
I think this issue comes from the lack of understanding of what marketing and design are for.
So we need to clarify two things:

1.- Marketing is not a magical recipe where you mix a bunch of ingredients and some sort of data, in order to get people beg you to take their money.

2.- Design is not about having a fancy structure and some cool carousels (please, don’t use them.)

We need to realize that marketing and design are together. You can’t separate them. They have to work in synchrony to match your story.
Most people (specially ‘digital’ agencies) fail to realize that the main point of a web, or app, or YouTube channel, or whatever it is, is to find the best way to tell your brand’s story.
Everybody can make a website. It’s not difficult anymore. But finding a way to resonate with people while you tell your story… that’s the real challenge.
Forget about fancy designs and programming stuff that agencies try to sell you.
A website is, first, built on paper, where you find a way to tell and match your story. Always building from people, not the other way around.