Good enough or sloppiness?

I like good enough work. It allows you to put your work into the world and interact in real-time with your audience. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions we have to consider.
Sometimes, when I say to my clients “launch it”, they get too nervous when the product it’s not 100% ready. This is so painful that in one occasion, I had to stop working with a client, because they didn’t want to launch a product that wasn’t 100% ready.
And that’s the Resistance (as Steven Pressfield called it in The War of Art) that is pulling them back from shipping their work.
However, there’s a big difference between a good enough product and sloppiness.
There are times when good enough is not enough. For example, when you’re building a brand and creating a strategy, you can’t enter into a market with a good enough strategy. When it comes to brand strategy you’ve got to define every single detail of your story before you ship it. That’s when we’d be talking about sloppiness.
On the other hand, when your work can be (has to be) improved while people use it. Then releasing an early version is the best you can do.
It’s clear to me what happens between good enough and sloppiness. In the first one, when people don’t want to launch something until it’s perfect, that’s their inner Resistance that’s pushing them back to stick with the status quo—because doing something different feels dangerous and they don’t like to change. On the other hand, sloppy products are the result of not caring enough about their brand. And if they don’t care enough about their brand, they don’t care about their audience…