Leave that! We'll do it later

“Urgent issues are easy to address. They are the ones that get everyone in the room for the final go-ahead. They are the ones we need to decide on right now, before it’s too late.
“How can you tell if you’re too obsessed with urgent?
“Do senior people at your company refuse to involve themselves in decisions until the last minute?
“Do meetings regularly get canceled because something else came up?
“Is waiting until the last minute the easiest way to get a final decision from your peers?
“Smart organizations ignore the urgent. Smart organizations understand that important issues are the ones to deal with. If you focus on the important stuff, the urgent will take care of itself.
“A key corollary to this principle is the idea that if you don’t have the time to do it right, there’s no way in the world you’ll find the time to do it over. Too often, we use the urgent as an excuse for shoddy work or sloppy decision-making. (…) Urgent is not an excuse. In fact, urgent is often an indictment–a sure sign that you’ve been putting off the important stuff until it mushrooms out of control.
“You will succeed in the face of change when you make the difficult decisions first.”

Seth Godin

Are you doing the difficult decisions first?